LSS has developed a strong business relationship with one of the largest fleets of livestock transport vessels in the world, currently comprising 11 transport vessels. LSS continues to support the upgrade and conversion of new vessels to expand and maintain its world-class livestock transport fleet. The shipping fleet operates globally in accordance with International Maritime Organisations (IMO) regulatory frameworks and from Australia, additionally, in accordance with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) regulatory provisions of Marine Order 43 of the Navigation Act. Four of LSS’ most modern vessels routinely operate from Australia on a regular basis.

Animal welfare is a high priority at LSS and all our shipping vessels are equipped with the latest in livestock supply facilities, including modern feeding, watering and ventilation systems. LSS is continually working to improve its operations and approach to animal care to ensure they meet or exceed national and international standards.

Our Fleet

LSS has four main vessels trading on a regular basis from Australia:

Bader III
with a carrying capacity of approximately 110,000 Sheep (or 75,000 sheep & 10,000 cattle)
with a carrying capacity of approximately 110,000 sheep (or 70,000 sheep & 12,000 cattle)
with a carrying capacity of 85,000 sheep (or 18,000 cattle & 16,000 sheep)
with a carrying capacity of 8,000 cattle

Other vessels of the shipping fleet routinely service the livestock trade operating the from the company supply hubs in South America, the Mediterranean, Black Sea and North Africa.


LSS is one of the largest live export companies in the Southern Hemisphere, with operations from all states of Australia to Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

LSS is continually looking to extend its global reach to new markets and to form productive partnerships with new customers overseas.